Saturday, February 17, 2007

Aaron and the twins

With cool temperatures in the 50s, I simply had to get outside for a run. It’s cold but beautiful.  Not a cloud in the sky. Of course, I had to take care of my man first, get him to bed.   Give him his Vitamin C, and echinasia, then made homemade chicken salad, and homemade Sante Fe Chipotle Soup for Val, Rochelle, Aaron, and the twins will be having their milk so didn’t have to worry about them.  That took a few hours–Completion time: 11:00 a.m.  I really had to hurry to get out to the river before they started the bombing, yep they are bombing one of the bridges today.   I hurried out to park at the Garden Club, which was closed for the holiday weekend.  Then I went my usual route, tackling 6 miles today.   I was excited to be outside again comfortably in shorts, but big sweatshirt.  I was also excited to take my music on its run. All in all, things went well. I kept a slow and steady pace, trying not to overdo it and keep with the strategy of building my legs up again so I don’t blowout the Gate. At one point, I went onto upward bridge, which took me up an incline above the St. John’s River. I missed my six mile marker. When I realized it, I quickly understood I was adding a mile to my run. I stopped after seven miles, I could have kept going and felt great. Then I walked briskly back to my car, with a total of two miles walking (some from the warm-up). My battery went dead so I didn’t get to time myself.   I really didn’t care or worry about time today.   Now I’m back home, fed Mike some soup and made him a sandwich.   I’m doubling up on the vitamin C, and Echinasia myself.  I may add a picture later, Mike is ready to get on the computer, and I’m probably going to run to the girls house to give them some of my homecooked food.When I got home, I stretched while watching the t.v. while Mike passed gas on the couch.

My project for tonight and tomorrow is to put together some playlists for the iPod to time perfectly with my runs as I progress from shorter to longer outings. I’ll let you all know what I come up with.  This picture was taken of me right after I finished the Gate River Run 2005.

Wind in my face
Life in my living
Feeling soul flowing
through my difference
Inside the essence divine
Turning, do you see it? I do.
It is there and it waits for me.
I embrace it with both of my arms
I choke it with that which it is
It struggles to be freeze
Give me the chance and
I will show it to you
Blowing away brisk
Evaporate, bye
Look at it as
it leaves.

I did go see the girls, Aaron, and the twins today after the big run.  Walking in, Valerie had little Ryan, giving him his bottle, he was so little and so precious.  I got some good pictures of him, then Rochelle’s sister brought out Caitlyn, and she was the first one I got to hold, I got to feed her a bottle, and burp her, she was so tiny and reminded me so much of my little niece when she was born, so tiny and fragile.  I held her for a long time, babies really are such miracles.  Nothing but peace and love.   I feel so close to God when I’m around them.   I didn’t get to hold Ryan yet, he hasn’t been gaining weight like his little sister and was still a bit jaundiced.   But soon I’m sure.   Aaron loved the chicken salad I made, hope they enjoyed the spicy Sante Fe Chicken and Beef Soup I made.  I took lots more pictures.   I just couldn’t get enough of them.   Aaron was funny after a while, he was trying to get in all the pictures, he was like hey you used to only take pictures of me, well he can’t talk, but it was like what he was thinking.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Another one of the twins and Cathy's Valentine's Pary

Two little angels sleeping!  We had such a wonderful time with them.  Cathy and Laurie had everything decorated so beautiful for valentine's day.  We had such a wonderful time, it was a Valentine’s Day party for 8 couples, Susan, Linda, Brent and Dan from church were there also.  We had so much fun, played games, we putted in the hallways, played blackjack, basketball, and darts in the gameroom, and there were some awesome prizes, we won a bottle of Dom, yes Dom!  I really enjoyed Cathy's friends as well.  The dinner was delicious, steak, shrimp, salad, potatoes, and lots of munchies and martini’s throughout the night.   It was so pretty out by where they live, Mike and I stopped and had a little photo shoot of each other at sunset which we both enjoyed as well.  Cathy is one of the sweetest women, Mike and I just love her.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Twins are here

The twins were born today, little Ryan Christopher came first, and then Caitlyn Renee, they are so beautiful, I had to leave the hospital and go to the eye doctor, and get my eyes examined for new glasses.   Here I am with my dilated eyes,still on a baby buzz from earlier.   I got there just at the right time, I got to ride up the elevator with them.   Here's a few pictures.