Sunday, February 26, 2006

Slept a lot today

Well we did make it up early to go to church, it was a really nice service.   Afterwards a group of us took our friends Mike and Allan out to lunch for their birthdays at Beach Road Chicken.   Nothing like some Fried Chicken.  I came home and slept most of the day, we were so tired from the Highland games yesterday.   We thought we would rest yesterday evening when we came in, but my cousin called and we ended up meeting them out for some drinks and dancing.  Some friends had come and stayed with them, friends of mine as well.  Mark and Mark.  We had a really nice time, but really paid for it this morning.  And yes that one picture we're doing the YMCA.   They played 80's music a lot, Vicki looked at me and said I think they knew we were coming out.

I started a new face blog a few days ago, not sure how it will turn out but who knows.  I've always loved photographing faces. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


When I was a little boy there was a picture that was hidden away in a drawer in my parent's bedroom. I was known to plunder, I'm not sure how this started, but I think it came from weekend's at my Grandmother's. Alone I had reign of the entire house, no secrets so I thought, anything I found I would come back and ask questions, who's this a picture of, what is this. There were no boxes that weren't gone through, no desks that weren't scurried through. I could just about tell you where anything was. And I'm sure I learned who a lot were. So sometimes when I was alone I searched for treasure. One of the things I found was this small picture of my parents when they were young kissing. Something I don't remember them doing in front of us. Maybe two times I can remember it, but I think we made them kiss even those times. I saved this picture all these years. They have since divorced when I was in college, and both remarried, but I keep this for some reason, maybe just to remind me, remind me that once there was love enough to make us.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My first pictures with the new camera

Well I've definately been using my new camera a lot lately.  With the wedding yesterday and more pictures of little Aaron today, I'm enjoying learning more about it.  Thought I'd post a few.  The first picture I took was of course of Mike.  I can't believe it's only a few more weeks till the Gate River Run.  Hope everyone has a great upcoming week.

Friday, February 17, 2006

My great grandma Annie

My great grandma Annie was born April 18, 1885 on the Washington/Baldwin County line. She was born in her families home, daughter of Erasmus Augustus Ennis and Emma Middleton Haygood. She came from a family of 16 being the second eldest of the family. There was twenty five years from the oldest to the youngest child in the family. She came from a prominent family of the south. The Ennis family going back to the late 1780's also from Baldwin County. Her grandfather was the sheriff of Baldwin County. Growing up in a small town she met my great grandfather and went to school with him throughout her childhood. On Dec 24, 1902, they married in the family home. She married Elton Veal Sr. son of Andrew Jackson Veal and Anna Elizabeth Roberts. She had nine children but lost one to illness as a baby which always caused her great sadness. She named my grandfather Ennis Payne Veal with her namesake, middle name after her sister that she lost around the time of his birth. The loss of her sister also caused her much sadness. She was a good Christian woman who went around in horse and buggy picking up the children in the area on Sunday mornings and taking them to Sunday School where she was the teacher. I remember her better than I remember any of my great grandparents. My early memories were of her big house. Also her german shepherd which was her constant companion and took good care of her, I was scared to death of that dog. We had many wonderful family reunions at her house. They had 18 grandchildren and I was one of 43 great grandchildren so you can just imagine how big those reunions were and how much wonderful food there was. My great grandfather went into a nursing home first, and then years later she went in and they shared a room together. I spent many Sundays as a young boy in the nursing home and visiting all the older people. She had alzheimer's diesease and I remember it's impact on the family. She was 95 when she passed away. I remember her hands and touching them, my great aunt took my hands and put them on hers, she said my mama has beautiful hands hard working hands, loving hands. I will never forget that. I remember her hair like cotton, and her beautiful smile. I remember the room she shared in the nursing home with my great grandfather, I remember her when she didn't know who I was but enjoyed the visits from this little boy who would bring her smiles. She died Oct. 25, 1980.  She brought much love and happiness to her entire family.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Toy

Hope everyone had a great valentines day, mine was good!  We had a good night.  Today I bought myself a little present to me.  A Canon EOS Rebel, Woo Hoo!  So hopefully wonderful new pictures coming up.  I did the Round Robin Challenge today over at  Let the good times roll.  I really have to get some organization going and catch up on everyone's blogs.  I will do it.  I should of made that my new years resolution.  I'm thinking I may have way to many blogs going.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Beautiful Sunday

Today was quite a special day.  The triplets at church were baptised.  It was really cold, but the warmth inside although chilly at first warmed up, especially our hearts.  The kids were so cute.  The boys were a little rowdy, but little Olivia was sweet as always.  All the kids of our church were there today.   It was really special,  I posted some of the pictures over at and  My neck has been bothering me some, but hopefully the chiropractor did the job and I'll be feeling better tomorrow after a good nights sleep.  We've been watching Extreme Makeover tonight, this show always gets me.  Hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming week.

Monday, February 6, 2006

Pain Free

Nice getting to this point finally.  Pain free is an awesome place.  We had an awesome day yesterday.  From our church's 3rd anniversary.  We had 52 in our service which was really nice.  Lots of good fellowship and food afterwards also.  It was a nice celebration.  Saturday was my first day with no pain.  Sure was nice.  We had our own little super bowl party last night.  Mike is from Pittsburg.  So he's a diehard Steelers fan.  It was fun watching him get all excited.   It was an exciting game.   I was so happy to see them win the superbowl again.  I was happy for Coach Cowher and all the Pittsburg Steeler fans and don't you know they were partying in the streets in Pittsburg.  "The Bus stops here", Bettis was awesome, along with Ward and Roethlisberger, I may have spelled that wrong.   It's going to be a good week!  So who was your pick this weekend?

Wednesday, February 1, 2006


Pain is a strange thing. It was all consuming for me for the first few days. No peace, just good painpills, lots of sleep and doctors visit. Then came a little depression, because all I could think about was the pain, and spending my vacation in bed. Then somehow I noticed there were breaks in the pain, it wasn't 100% of the day in pain, I had little breaks where it wasn't quite as bad. Only I really couldn't focus on much during that time. Finally the pain broke, or lessened. I'm still not at 100% but I'm getting there day by day. Strange from going to running 8 miles one day and then the next week not even being able to walk a mile without really hurting. That's what I tried to do yesterday. I did find a nice book called "Making All Things New" by Henri J.M. Nouwen which was some good nourishment for my soul. I found my quiet time I had so been searching for, although I had rather been doing a 100 things if I could. I started back on my first day back to work today! I'd like to say it was wonderful being back! In ways it was, everyone really seemed to miss me! Or at least everyone kept telling me that all day. I took today like I've been taking every day. I had a few hours of really bad pain, but somehow managed to get through it. Thank goodness for a long lunch break where I had time to lay on some ice. It was really beautiful today weather wise, I sure miss running. If things go good I may try a slow jog on Friday for a ways, we'll see how it goes, if not I'm not going to worry about it. My day got really good when I made it home to a nice and clean spotless house. Mike is trying to start his own business cleaning houses. So he actually showed me he does know how to clean. I don't think I've ever seen the house look quite so nice. Candles lit and everything. If only my back was a little better I would have jumped him. But he's being quite patient with me and the ole back. He's going to be calling me grandpa soon. I took us out for dinner at Qdoba, a nice little mexican place. Got back home took a relaxing bath, and laid on some ice again. So thought I'd take a few moments and make a entry. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Here's a fun website that you can check and see which celebrity you look most like.  It's kind of fun, and will make you laugh.