Sunday, February 12, 2006

Beautiful Sunday

Today was quite a special day.  The triplets at church were baptised.  It was really cold, but the warmth inside although chilly at first warmed up, especially our hearts.  The kids were so cute.  The boys were a little rowdy, but little Olivia was sweet as always.  All the kids of our church were there today.   It was really special,  I posted some of the pictures over at and  My neck has been bothering me some, but hopefully the chiropractor did the job and I'll be feeling better tomorrow after a good nights sleep.  We've been watching Extreme Makeover tonight, this show always gets me.  Hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming week.


barbpinion said...

It's always wonderful to attend a baptism. Will have to check out your photos.
Hugs, hon.

onestrangecat said...

baptisms are always special.


nicurnmama said...

beautiful babies and beautiful blessings for their you know the baby nurse wants to hear MORE about the trips! :)
Happy Love day to you and Mike.
Take care of that neck....I feel your pain as mine has been bad for a couple months now and no my chiro can't seem to fix it which is painfully frustrating.