Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Toy

Hope everyone had a great valentines day, mine was good!  We had a good night.  Today I bought myself a little present to me.  A Canon EOS Rebel, Woo Hoo!  So hopefully wonderful new pictures coming up.  I did the Round Robin Challenge today over at  Let the good times roll.  I really have to get some organization going and catch up on everyone's blogs.  I will do it.  I should of made that my new years resolution.  I'm thinking I may have way to many blogs going.



nightmaremom said...

Very cool, I just got a new Olympus.  LOL

cubbycub said...

So glad u had a wonderful day....and love the gift!!!

onemoretina said...

Enjoy that new toy you bought yourself.  You deserve it !   Tina

barbpinion said...

Derek, if you're like me, you DO have too many blogs going. I keep trying to cut back but the number keeps rising. LOL
Congrats on the new TOY! Glad you did something nice for yourself.
HUGE hugs,

indigosunmoon said...

Oh!  A new camera!  That's fantastic Derek!
Love ya!

nicurnmama said...

I expect to see many pics from this new toy of yours....beautful pics!
congratulations, you are so worth the treat.

onestrangecat said...

you take such great pictures.  loved the ones in black and white.


naturegirlfromny said...

Hi Derek, I'm visiting you over here!  Linda