Monday, February 6, 2006

Pain Free

Nice getting to this point finally.  Pain free is an awesome place.  We had an awesome day yesterday.  From our church's 3rd anniversary.  We had 52 in our service which was really nice.  Lots of good fellowship and food afterwards also.  It was a nice celebration.  Saturday was my first day with no pain.  Sure was nice.  We had our own little super bowl party last night.  Mike is from Pittsburg.  So he's a diehard Steelers fan.  It was fun watching him get all excited.   It was an exciting game.   I was so happy to see them win the superbowl again.  I was happy for Coach Cowher and all the Pittsburg Steeler fans and don't you know they were partying in the streets in Pittsburg.  "The Bus stops here", Bettis was awesome, along with Ward and Roethlisberger, I may have spelled that wrong.   It's going to be a good week!  So who was your pick this weekend?


indigosunmoon said...

Pain free!  Thats great news Derek!
I was rooting for the Steelers too!

illini1991 said...

Good Afternoon, Derek!

Good to hear that the pain has disappeared. Yesterday was a similar day to yours at church. We had the social afterwards which included the planning of the installation ceremony for our new pastor on March 5th. While I wasn't around for it at the time, it was 160 years ago that we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the church. ;-)


onestrangecat said...

So glad to hear that you are pain free!  Prayers must be working.

Drop by my place and see what I learned today about AOL and our spam filters!


cubbycub said...

Ok..I was rooting for the STEELERS,SINCE THE EAGLES SUCKED THIS YEAR!!! Now I am glad u r not in pain and doing much better.. Sounds like u had a fantastic weekend!!!

onemoretina said...

Sorry I didn't know sooner about your back problems. ( Had my own little ordeal last week )  Anyway, back pain is the worst, and I am glad to hear that things have improved for you.  And it sounds as if you are being well looked after, which is wonderful.  Relax  and let yourself heal.  All the best to you, Tina

nightmaremom said...

So glad you are doing better.  

Well, I'm odd man out here.  I had Seattle picked since before post season and I wasn't going to change my mind late in the game even though the 'Stillers' were playing solid.  I had nothing vested in the game or who won, my concern was my numbers and I won $150.. whuu huuu.  I will say officiating was a bit suspect in spots, but so was Seattle.