Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Mike

Happy Birthday Mike

I still remember how I felt the first time I saw you. There was something about you that I couldn't forget. Maybe it was your eyes or maybe your smile- or maybe the way you flirted with me, all the things that I have since come to know so well. Whatever it was, I remember that it drew me in and took a hold of me in a way I couldn't ignore. Now when I look at you, I see someone who's become so incredible important in my life. Yet there are still moments when I feel the mystery and charm, the same invisible power pulling me to you just as it did when we first met. The birthday weekend will be officially over in a few hours, thank goodness I think I wore you out and we're about to hit the sack. Here's a few pictures from the weekend. Happy Birthday!


nightmaremom said...

Happy Birthday Mike!
Thanks for sharing all the pictures Derek... they are great!

joolsinwa said...

He's hot! Happy Birthday Mike!!

lacaza3 said...

Love is is friendship....the two have to be together to have a realtionship....happy birthday mike you dont look a day over 20 LOL
donna In TEXAS

am4039 said...

Happy Birthday Mike, hope you had a great weekend.

cubbycub said...

Happy Birthday Mike and Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures..always the best!!

redpoppy007 said...

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday.  Wonderful pics.
Looks like you all had a happy day.

coy1234787 said...

Happy Birthday Mike,
looks like quite a weekend!
 *** Coy ***


illini1991 said...

Congrats on finally turning 30, Mike! <WEG>

Looks like you guys had a great weekend along with perfect weather. Thinking of you as Albert brings you wind, rain and praying for not much else. Last I saw, Albert was heading toward Tampa.


onestrangecat said...

Happy Birthday Mike!  Looks like everyone was having fun.