Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom

Mother's Poem~
Today is your birthday,
but I love you every day.
You've been the perfect mother
in each and every way.
You taught me how
to spell and count,
and you dried up all my tears.
kissed away the pain of boo-boos,
and chased away my fears.
You were always there for me
in troubled times and good.
And you are God's example
for perfect Motherhood.


Well her birthday was yesterday.   I didn't get to go home for her birthday like I did for her big surprise birthday last year, but she was in my thoughts all weekend.   Love you mom!


joolsinwa said...

very nice

onestrangecat said...

great pictures and what a lovely poem.  thanks for sharing.


bmendezo said...

Love the poem!  My mom just had her birthday on the 23rd. Take Care, Becky