Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Peace Bubble

We just got back from the peace bubble at our church, you can check it out at   Jerry Leggett imagines a world of peace.  He's touring the country in his little bubble, he has a beautiful voice, and a beautiful message.   His question is do you believe in peace?   Then picture it what does it look like to you.  I believe it's what I look for daily, if we can find it in ourselves then we have accomplished something.   With faith I believe it can be obtained for myself through God.   I picture it with compassion     The thought of  the Good Samaritan comes to mind.  If we could be full of compassion, just like that Samaritan that made is way down the road to Jericho and encountered a wounded Jew lying alongside the road.  Others had hurried by, too busy with their own affairs to be interrupted.   But the Samaritan, who was hated by the Jews and would be expected to pass by, “had compassion.”   He bandaged his wounds,… set him on his own animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him. I think of my own life, how things come into my life in strange ways, often in the often in the form of an iterruption.   Just when we think of our duties for the day and are done and we are headed home for a quiet evening, someone shows up on your doorsteps asking for your time, or on the street when you are getting gas, and someone asks for your help or money.  How often we turn, even when we see someone coming.  If we could not look at these moments as intrusions of interruptions.  Instead think of the oppurtunities sent our ways to show HIS love and serve those in need, wheter it be to listen, to show love, to help someone on their journey.   We need to live for that moment.

Sometimes interruptions are actually sent our way, if we could just not turn from them.  We may get something much more special out of life that you never expected like PEACE.

This next little piece is from his website, I really like it.


What if we all paused for a moment of peace at noontime?

What if we all listened more carefully to the world around us?

What if this moment for peace inspired acts of peace and compassion?

What if the world we all dream of IS possible?
Is peace possible to you?  Can you imagine it?

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