Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our church's 5th Anniversary and the twins 1st birthday

Today was our church’s 5th anniversary.  It was quite a service, I think we had one of our best attendence’s ever.   It was quite a moving service.  The music along with the service was very inspiring.   We had a big luncheon afterwards, then after that, Turk and I went over to Val and Rochelle’s for the twins first birthday, it seems like yesterday, I was taking pictures of them after they were born.  Can’t believe Aaron will be three this year.  Lots of memories today.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to realize what was real.  I’m still a part of so many wonderful people’s lives.   I’m very thankful and blessed.   Still find myself thinking about Mike on days like this.  I look at the banner that we made two years ago with the tree and leaves.   I look at little Aaron, and the twins who are just starting to walk.   I think of the times we used to babysit Aaron.   I guess it was real.  Just seems so long ago.  Life goes on.  Guess it’s o.k. to remember.   It was a wonderful day.


robinngabster said...

I love a church service with good music...I like to feel my soul move.  :)  The babies are adorable...then and now!


cubbycub said...

Those babies are just too cute....Are those all the member's of the congregation?  It is ok to remember wonderfuland happy moment's, if we were nto allowed we would not have made them.