Monday, April 28, 2008

Marci's surprise Bday party

I had a big weekend this weekend.  Yesterday Dr. Phyl (Phyllis) invited a bunch of us over for Marci’s surprise birthday party.  She and Phyllis Sr. her mom put on such a sweet party for her.   We all had a wonderful time.  Marci was so cute as always, we call her our little sugar dumpling.  Got to meet a lot of her friends.  Dr. Phyl’s place is beautiful, it’s right on the water and I just love it.  Very warm.   I framed up a  picture that I had done of the two of them together from Easter.   I also got one of Dr. Phyl and me, and Dr. Phyl and Turk, and Dr. Phyl and Karl, we sent it from her three sons, and signed it Ginger, Mary Ann, and babysister.  Yes I’m babysister, o.k.  it’s just the name and it stuck so far, I’ll tell you how I got that name another time.  The scenery from the back of her house is so relaxing.  This is just one of the views from below.  I also just loved Dr Phyl’s mom Phyllis Sr.  I see where she got her loving nature from, her mom.    I had a photoshoot after the party for opening of the beaches that I will post later on in the week.  I had a full weekend.

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