Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Happy Birthday Dena

Last night we had our service, the weekly service till Easter. We spoke about exile. We all told examples of exile in our lives. Listening to everyone's examples, made me think how everyone's life is hard, and much harder for some than others. Also just because we are Christians doesn't make it any easier. Sometimes I've even felt in exile just by what it means to me being a Christian and what it may mean by others. I know it's definatley not any easier for us because of it. I think of my own weaknessses and wounds, and wonder if they will be healed in my lifetime. I sure hope so. I think about what is in store for me, at times it puts a smile on my face, and at times it puts fear in my heart. Mainly I try to have hope in my life, because I find a inner strength with that. I may have a bad day, but I have learned that one day we may have a completely diffrent day.
I can deal with any hurts from the past because I have hope for the future. The best lies ahead. My way back Wednesday will consist of pictures not to way back, but in the last 30 years. They are of my sister who is 32 today.Happy Birthday Little Sister

Year after year, I search for a way to tell you how I feel about you and everytime I wonder if it hasn't all been said before. But this year is extra special because it contains all the laughter that we all have shared through photos. This is to remind you of how unique our family is and to tell you that you could never, ever be replaced in our life. It is to let you know how much we appreciate you. It's a thank-you for every time you have shared a worry or tear, prayed for us,
every time you have listened and been the only one who understood,
and we left with a smile. It's to tell you that you being my sister is one of the most important in my life and that you are not only my sister, but a sweet and dear friend. We all love you, Dena, and hope your birthday will be the beginningof a year of happiness and joy and faith.

 I think about all the changes in life. Time has a way of changing things. But one constant with my sister Dena is the joy she brings in our lives.


joolsinwa said...

You are hands down the best brother anyone could hope to have!!!

alicarobo said...

What delightful children you are.  God sure looked down on our family the day each one of you were born.  He blessed each one of us with such an abundance of love for each other.  I am so proud  of all of you and thank God for how much you all can express how you feel about each other and how close you are to each other.  
Happy 32nd birthday to you my dear daughter, Dena.  I love you so much.  Love, Mama    

am4039 said...

such nice pictures.

onestrangecat said...

great pictures.
you are so lucky to have such a great relationship with your sister.