Sunday, March 5, 2006

His Mountains

I sit and look out over it all and
gaze into the distance with thoughts

drifting through my mind.
I dream, I contemplate: and then
amidst my meditations, I focus upon
His mountains.

The wind blowing first violently,
then subsiding to a gentle breeze,
blows the limbs and leaves.
My thoughts cease to ramble as my
attention turns and I consider
His mountains.

How great and strong, how majestic
stand His mountains. How proud they seem
towering over all, closest to God,
trees blowing in the breeze.

The wind, blowing fiercely now, bend
the trees against their will. And, as
they bend, they remind me of an elderly
person stooped by years of age.

A storm has come and the winds beat the trees
on the mountaintop, frenzied movements and I see
a giant dragon in the window of my mind. He stands ready to
devour, all who come within the reach of
his mighty, snappingjaws, coming from the mountain in the storm.

The storm subsides, the wind blows gentle
breaths and His mountain become gentle ballerinas
dancing gracefully to and fro. But no! I look again
and it is a giant nose stretching to the stars.

Finally the wind dies completely and
His mountain stands, green and magnificent.
I see a vivid painting against a cloudy sky.
My thoughts turn inward once again, and I
marvel at the beauty and perfection of His
mountains that stand within a world filled with so much
turmoil and hate.

How wonderful! How marvelous! Amazing that
He could speak to me of His greatness and
His love, and in His speaking bring to my heart
a quiet peace through the beauty and magic of
His mountains.



cubbycub said...

Love It!!

indigosunmoon said...

How incredibly beautiful...


am4039 said...

just beautiful thanks for sharing.

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