Monday, December 20, 2004

Is Four too young?

The last time I went home, Autumn looked at me with this funny little smile and told me "Guess what"  I have a boyfriend and his name is Cade."  I grabbed her and told her she better not have a boyfriend.  She laughed and laughed.  Cade is a family friend.  His parents were friends of my mom and dads, his grandmom's sister was my girlfriend in when I was in school.  Now his mom and dad are good friends of my sister's.  So he's been growing up with her, and they spend a lot of time together.  If anything they are a force to be reconed with.  The both have a lot of energy.  Only 6 days till Christmas.  Wow, hard for me to believe.  I'm ready to get home to see everyone.  Last night Mike and I went on a hayride, I'll put some pictures of it later.  Hope everyone has all their Christmas shopping done.


eynl said...

Autumn is a beautiful girl, why wouldn't the boys like her!!  

my78novata said...

awwww so cute. Tracy when she was young had a guy she grew up with. The later dated when she was 16 but things had changed they did not work out. He married a girl right after Tracy and that girl is a control freak and he is not happy. Now he talks to her when he sees her once a month down town about it. So sad but boy were they cute back in the day. Tracy is 23 almost 24 and she wants to find true love. Guys now days can be very immature she's finding out. She thinks she needs to marry an older guy LOL I told her they never grow up to which my husband said NOPE SEE!!!!!!!!! I havent LOL Lori