Monday, December 27, 2004

My 37th Christmas!

My last entry was about Celebrate the BABY, well I did that this past weekend, plus had a wonderful time with our baby Ethan.  Mike and I went home on Thursday and I showed him around the little town I grew up in, starting with the old Harper plantation, and the oldest home in my town which belonged to my great-great grandfather.  We went by to see Andy, Dena, and the boys, Eli was sleeping, but we got to spend some time with Ethan, both the boys were sick the entire weekend with some kind of bad flu, they were coughing, and runny noses the entire weekend.  Autumn on the other hand was feeling good, she had us running around chasing her and making sure all the attention was on her.  Sherry went all out the entire weekend, beautiful decorations, and the food was excellent, Thursday we had a lasagna party, Dena, Andy and the boys came over.  We rested most of Friday, took care of Autumn while everyone was shopping, we took her too the park to see the Christmas deocorations.  Then everyone came over that night and we exchanged gifts, and ate well again.  We left Christmas morning, and came back to Jacksonville where we went over to Mike's mom and had dinner with his mom and sister and nephew.   Sherry got engaged, and got a beautiful engagement ring.  So there should be a wedding coming up soon.  I'll put more pictures in my next entry.

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my78novata said...

awwwwwww the baby looks tired. Lori