Friday, January 6, 2006


Seems many things from my childhood seem to flash before my eyes all the time now.  With the making of the movie Narnia, I can really feel my inner child.  Mike and I went and saw the movie a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it.   Another thing that flashes before me is a picture.  My grandparents had a big wardrobe that I used to climb into all the time and try and be transported to Narnia, or anywhere magical, sometimes I'd imagine I was there when I got out, with the imaginary snow and everything.  Boy did I have a crazy imagination.  But one thing I remembered was on the inside of the wardrobe there was a picture hanging on the inside door.  It was of Jesus knocking on a door.  What a funny place to put a picture, I'm thinking now.  Maybe they hung it in the house at one time, I'm not sure, but they kept it inside the wardrobe when I was growing up.  I even would imagine Him knocking on the wardrobe when I was little and a magical place He would take me when I opened the door.  For some reason that picture has been coming into my mind today.  Not sure if I can capture all I'm feeling, but I will try.  I guess I'm going back and looking at my thoughts as a child, those of a teenager, a young man, and now.  I'll just keep these feeling for me for now, maybe I can articulate on them later.  Guess I felt Him knocking at a young age, and still do ready to fill our lives with HIs love.


mawmellow said...

I think for us to listen quietly and hear the knocking is perfectly normal.  It's when we cease to hear that knocking in our lives, that we've become a target or are troubled. I, too, remember seeing that picture at my grandparent's home...I wonder where it went ?

barbpinion said...

That picture is one of my favorites. It reminds me that a door can only be opened from the INSIDE. Love reading your entries, Derek. They tell so much about you and I love learing new things about people I care about.
Have a terrific weekend.
love you

heartshakrjb said...

Wow...I must say I am not sure how I got here or even who you are, but I am glad I did. I love the fact that Jesus loves us and that he wants to be there for us. I also love that there are still people talking about him...and loving him.