Friday, January 27, 2006

There once was a crooked man

Oh man these past two days have been rough.  I woke up Tuesday morning and much to my surprise couldn't straighten up.  I was in some kind of pain.  I was lucky enough to have Mike helping me get to the doctor and play nursemaid to me.  I'm not the kind of person that really likes that either.  He kind of had to put his foot down and say ok, I'm here for you this is when your supposed to ask for my help.  I get so stubborn.  But I finally realized I couldn't do it without him.   He's been really good helping me get up and down and to the doctor.  I got the xrays done yesterday.  I'm thinking I must have pulled a muscle or something not sure.    But it's feeling much better than it was.  Not sure if it was all the sneezing and coughing I was doing or what.  But I'm definately the crooked man.  Mike keeps laughing at me but I don't think it's that funny.   But I can see how he thinks it is.  I definately look funny.  Well can't sit here for long without pain, so back to my painpills and bed.    I feel like I'm going to be about better by Sunday.  Where have these four days gone? I am suddenly desparate for time while energy flows out just trying to get up out of the bed. Backpain, not something I would wish on my worst enemy. Well I don't really have an enemy. Little by little I find myself leaning towards sleep like bear that that longs to curl up somewhere and hybernate. I'm definately rested. The pain pills and muslce relaxers could have much to do with that as well. I did walk out earlier and went to the store to get some milk. The light was dazzling, and the cold air felt wonderful. Oh I'm missing my running very bad. I'm just wondering how long I'm going to go without running. I guess I'll start all over again and just try not to overdue it. Mike is out now having a job interview, hope it goes well for him. I wish I could write with a clear mind, but the cobwebs caused by the muscle relaxers and painpills are leaving my mind kind of blurry. Times like this do make me think I'm looking for something, an answer I need, or hoping to hear His voice, and wit me laying on my butt I'm not too busy to listen, so He helps us by letting us lay down for awhile so we can look up! I've been wanting to be still for a while, well here I am now very still, and of course I'm wanting not to be still.



illini1991 said...

Get better soon, Derek! And stay away from those pain pills! Hopefully Mike won't pull a muscle helping you up and down <ducking and running>.

Have a great weekend! We're enjoying 50 degree weather which is nice. Too bad I'm in the office.


mumma4evr said...

isn't it wonderful to have someone to love and care for you?

nightmaremom said...

Relax... and get better soon!

maverickbeck said...

i dont  think it funny that your hurt ... But if you saw the way you are walking you would laugh too. there is a difference in make fun of and laughing with someone . i love you and im  laughing with ya not at ya

cubbycub said...

Now that is LOVE!!! GOT to get me SOME!!!

onestrangecat said...

hope you will be feeling better soon.


indigosunmoon said...

Hope you are back to 100% soon!

globetrotter2u said...

Derek, what you have said in your last few sentences is so true.

2 years ago I slipped a disc while in ballet class. I had never been injured before. It came at a time that I was so busy from work and stress and trying to be everything to everyone that as excruciating as the pain was.... I finally had a chance to stop ... and listen to what He was saying to me.

In honesty, I really didn't want to hear it at first. But when you're flat on your back for 6 weeks , there's not much else you can do, LOL.

The vicodin and flexeril really helped me get though the pain,, but it was His voice at that time that I remember most.


bobbyt1981 said...

I know the situation I have back problems.but I just enjoy day to day.
I try to do as much as possiable. Cause what good would it do just to lay around.
I am much more of a get out person.

onemoretina said...

Ahhh, Derek .... sorry to hear that you are feeling so lousy.  There is nothing worse than back pain.  And it seems to take so darned long to go away. Well, you hang in there.  Hoping you're feeling lots better soon.  tina