Thursday, September 2, 2004

I'm Wild

As everyone may know Cousin Francis is out there swirling and wild.   I live right on the beach.  Not sure where it's going to hit,  I pray it's not here.  There's sure to be flooding so it's probably going to be wild.  If you have any doubts as to whether or not God loves wildness, spend the night in the woods...alone.  Take a walk out in a thunderstorm.  Go for a swim  with a bunch of killer whales.  Go out in a field with some bulls like I did as a child.  Whose idea was this anyway all this wildness?  The great reefs with it's sharks, the wolves in my dreams, the jungles of India with it's tigers, the deserts of the Southwest with all those rattlesnakes-would you describe them as "nice place"?  Most of the earth is not safe; but it's good

After God created all this, He pronounced it good, for heaven's sake.  It's His way of letting us know He rather prefers adventure, danger, risk, the element of surprise.  This whole creation is unapologetically wild.  God loves it that way.  So do I. 

Do you love wildness?  How much of your life are you trying to control these days?


judithheartsong said...

FANTASTIC entry!!!!!!! You are running on all cylinders my friend. Be safe. judi

barbpinion said...

I pretty much let God fill in the pages of my life. He's more apt to put onto the page what I need to be happy, to keep me challenged, and to help me grow.Yep! I do love wildness. Sometimes it's pretty scary though. Like I'm terrified of lightning but always remind myself of where the power comes from. After that I'm alright.
I'm so frustrated. I wondered why you hadn't written for awhile. Came hunting for you and find out you, like others, have written. I just didn't get the alerts for some reason. If too much time goes by..let me know. I hate missing what you write. Thanks. My newest journal: friend. *Barb*

barbpinion said...

Just stopped by to say a quick hello. Take care. *Barb*