Friday, September 24, 2004


My mom jokes me about writing a book on our family all the time.  Well one day I just might.  Today is my mom's birthday.  Happy birthday mom.  I read somwhere about an interview with a mother it went something like. "Do you think all children deserve the full, impartial love and attention of a mother?"  "Of course", said the mother.   "Well which of the children do you love the most?" he asked hoping to catch her in a contradiction.  She answered, "The one who is sick until he gets well, and the one who is away until he gets home.".  I thought this was cute.  My mom would always and still does write us little notes and letter, and at the bottom, she would always write,  I love you the best!  It always made us feel special.  It was also kind of fun, especially when we would happen across a letter she had written to my sister,and I would open it up and there at the bottom,  I love you the best.  She loves us all, kind of like God's love for all of us.  "God loves every one of us as if there were but one of us to love." St. Augustine  Mama thanks for all the prayers you've whispered during the worst moments of our lives, and the many hopes for our success in all that we dreamed of.  Thanks for the kind wishes that would make us happy and fullfilled and the gentle words of encouragement that were meant for strenthening us.  Thanks for your acceptance, your ability to understand and your friendship that always gave us security.  Thanks for your wisdom of all the lessons you taught us, and the meaning behind "unconditional love".  Thanks Mama for everything you've done, your the best mom in the world.  I love you the best.  Happy Birthday!




judithheartsong said...

awwwww.... Happy birthday Derek's Mom!!!!!!!

indigosunmoon said...

What a terrific entry! Mom's are the best!!
Love the picture too!

barbpinion said...

Precious entry, Derek, and I just LOVE the photo. Thanks for sharing it. Hugs.

eynl said...

This entry is very heartfelt.  My mom's birthday was the day before your moms.  It is the first time that I didn't talk with her on her birthday because her living in the disaster area in Pittsburgh where the phones have been out of service since Ivan went through and flooded the area.  You expressed your love well with this entry to your mom.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and love.