Sunday, October 10, 2004

Me and blue eyes

I love this picture of Sherry and I.   This was taken on Christmas Eve, and we were so excited about Santa coming soon.  We never could sleep on Christmas Eve because we were so excited.  Now it makes me think of all the whippons I used to get because of Sherry.  At night we slept together, and she just wouldn't go to sleep, she would talk and talk, and then daddy would come in and say if he hears us talking anymore he was going to come spank us.  We always got those little spankings because we just couldn't go to sleep.  My favorite story about a spanking Sherry caused me to get.  When she was about five, her front teeth were getting kind of loose, and for some reason unknown to me she decided to bite my shoe, and looking down I see to human teeth stuck to my shoe.  Into the house Sherry flies, blood coming out of her mouth, and she tells Daddy that I kicked her in the mouth.  Out comes Daddy with the belt, I don't really remember the spanking, but I do remember she smiling with her two front teeth missing and saying "He really didn't kick me, I bit his shoe".  Then looking down at my shoe there are these two little teeth marks in the white plastic of my shoes.  My only proof of my Jaws attack.  To late, I've already got the whippon.  A few whippons here and there, not so bad.   I sure was crazy about ole Sherry.  Something about the way those blue eyes.  I think I'd done anything.  I think that's one of the things I'm so crazy about Autumn for, she reminds me so much of that little blue eyed girl I grew up with.



barbpinion said...

Love this photo of you and Sherry. What a little doll she is, and you're pretty cute too. *Barb*

gbgoglo said...

Hi Derek!  I just caught up on your journal.  I have missed som many lately.  I love the pictures of you and your mom, sucha pretty lady!  Also, enjoyed the pics of you and Asher and you and your sis, and the one of you is precious.  I always enjoy reading your entries.  Take care and keep the faith!  Hugs, gloria

shareveal said...

I never caused you any trouble, Derek. I was just as innocent then as I am now. I even look like I'm up to something in this picture. What joy we had as children...waiting on Santa. What's so fun is now giving all of that joy back to Autumn at Christmas. I was just telling her last week about every Christmas since she was a baby. I told her how you and I slept on the floor in her room with her baby bed, then slept in her room on a mattress with her, then got her own big girl bed in her room last year, and now this year she has her very own princess room. I told her that you and I would always be there to listen out for Santa with her like we did with one another.