Monday, October 25, 2004

My Side of the Mountain

Tonight I've been thinking about all the places I escaped to as a child.  Mostly I escaped by the books I read.  I remember reading, "The Island of the Blue Dolphin", and escaping to a beautiful island.  One of my favorite books was "My side of the Mountain", I remember reading this in the 5th grade, where a young boy runs away from home to live in the mountains, he keeps a journal of his life in nature.  He befriends a falcon.  I often fantacized about leaving home to live in the solitude of nature, sometimes I still do.  I loved the way my Papa made me feel when we were off together just the two of us.  What was passed on was truly a blessing.  I think I need to find this book and read it again. 


judithheartsong said...

and your amazing journey continues. judi

toomanic4me said...

I can't believe you mentioned this book!  I'm so excited to hear someone besides myself remembers and cherishes this book.  Everyone I've asked about this book just gives me an odd look and tells me they have never heard of it.  I always push them further trying to jog their memory.  I always ask, "Don't you remember the boy that had the otter friend that is tragically killed by some evil person with a shovel?" They answer this question by giving me an even stranger look so I just drop the subject.

This is the story of the boy that had developed a friendship with an otter as well as a falcon is it not?  If not I'm going to be terribly embarrassed.  At least it won't be the first time I've come across sounding odd.  lol

Anyway, thanks again for the blast from the past.  I think I'm going to go back and reread "My side of the Mountain" as well.  More kids today should be reading books like that one instead of playing eerie video games.  It reminds me of the time my 7 year old nephew told my brother he had finished reading "Old Yellar" which my sister-in-law had placed on his summer reading list.  My nephew said he had finished the entire book.  My brother asked, "So, how was Ole Yellar in the end of the story?  It's been awhile since I read that book."  My nephew replied, "Oh, he's just fine".   LOL LOL

Have a great day and thanks for the memories!

mosie1944 said...

I still enjoy "Little House On The Prairie" once in awhile.  Even if I only open it up and read a chapter or two.

Charlie's Place said...

I loved this book too.