Saturday, October 2, 2004

Visit to Asher

Just taking a break letting my sauce simmer.  Mike took me to meet his little nephew Asher and just wanted to write what a nice time it was spending with his nephew and mom.  It was really awesome to see someone as crazy about their nephew as I am my neice and nephews.  He was really good with Asher.  We took him for a walk in the rain, gave him a fidgy pop as you can see his chocalate lips in the pictures,  played airplane, and went out and had a nice dinner.  I really enjoyed it.  Tomorrow I have to work, not something I usually do on Sundays, but tomorrow I have too.  Got to make some more money somehow.  Well now I'm just relaxing, had a nice day went and had lunch with Mike and James some friends of ours and just enjoyed the day.   Well got to run and check on the sauce. 

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