Friday, October 22, 2004


I never saw the movie "The Exorcist", but I do recall its impact on everyone around me. I remember my cousin Jay and how badly it scared him. It left a lasting impression on many people about Satan's power. Even many Christinan began to live in fear, swayed by the vivid images of evil. It seemed as if the devil was as powerful as God. Now there is a new movie that suppose to scare and shock you more, the story before The Exorcist. Is this perspective sound? OF COURSE NOT! God is the Creator, and all others, including demons, are just created beings. Only God is almighty. For as long as I can remember when things seem to be going bad, it's easy to blame the devil. Although he does emit wickedness and sin, we must be careful not to conclude that we are powerless against him. "The holy spirit in us is greater than he who is in the world." So what am I telling myself? Resist, Resist, Resist.


barbpinion said...

I've never understood why people watch those kinds of movies anyway. satan is indeed powerful, but not as powerful as our Creator. I think too many people underestimatate satan. I have two sons who know a lot about that. Thankfully, God answered my prayers and protected them but they could have lost their lives, in a literal sense. Just whispering the Lord's name sends satan running. darkness cannot dwell in the light. Big hugs, my friend. *Barb*

onestrangecat said...

People tend to forget just who Satan was.  He was created by God to be an angel.  He may now have a place to "rule" but he still answers to God.