Saturday, November 27, 2004

Back from Georgia

Well, I got to see much more of Ethan.  He was awake most of the time.  And guess what he loved his Uncle Derek.  I've never been stared at as much as he stared at me with so much love.  I found a way to make him laugh, it's a little sound I make and he loved it.  I see so many things when I look in his eyes.  First I see Papa, then Dena, and even a little bit of me.  He's so big.  I'll write more later.  Just wanted to post a pic to let everyone know I'm back and had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Many blessings.


barbpinion said...

Welcome back, Derek. Love this photo. You're both so adorable. Don't let it go to your head though. Hugs. *Barb*

judithheartsong said...

awwww.... blessings to you too!!!!!!! judi