Monday, November 1, 2004

Happy Birthday Lance

This is just a birthday note about my brother Lance. Today he turns 25. This entry is just about him. I don't know how often he gets to hear this from me, but not enough I'm sure. Lance is a wonderful guy, and father. He's an amazing guy who has always been appreciated so enormously! He's got a great since of humor, and you can't help but smile when your around him. So oh brother of mine, I thought it might be time to tell you, exactly what you mean and have meant to me. First you were a gift to me, I remember praying on many occasions for a little brother. Twenty five years ago you was our surprise, Mama left while we were trick or treating. I'm sorry we don't talk as often as maybe I'd like to, but I've always felt a closness with you that doesn't need to be measured in miles. If it could be measured for me I guess it would be by all the memories I have of you growing up. You was always a big part of my life and my thoughts and I always wanted the best for you, I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a wonderful brother, but whatever it was, I hope you know that I treasure you so much and I'm so grateful we are family. You have always been the brother Sherry, Dena, and I loved so much, you were and still are very special to us. You have such a positive attitude, and that just rubs off on you. I hope this birthday marks the beginning of a year filled with happiness, success, and all the things you're striving to achieve. You deserve the best and I wish you a Happy Birtday Lance.

Your brother Derek

Here's another entry I wrote about my wonderful brother


cneinhorn said...

Happy Birthday Lance!

judithheartsong said...

happy birthday Lance!!!

gbgoglo said...

Awwww, D.  Both, entries on your brother are so loving!  Thanx for sharing your family with us thru your photos and your entries.  I can't remember seein a pic of mom?  Could you let me know when you posted that pic?  Blessings to you and yours...You make your family look good!  gloria