Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Not having the best day

Well I'm not having the best day today, but it's not that bad, i went to the doctor today and found out I have a torn muscle in my back, I've been in quite a bit of pain and am walking like a 80 year old man, I went to Walgreens to get my prescription filled and then when I got in my car to get back over to Mike's so I could medicate and get in bed, my car wouldn't start.  Luckily I'm not that far away and I walked back.  Things like this used to really drive me crazy but today it hasn't phased me in the least.  All will be taken care of in time.  Now I'm going to take my nap.  Feels funny being off on a weekday.  I even watched a soap opera, lol.  And all the same people are doing the same things, only they have children now and they seem to be doing the same things they did years ago.  Ok.  this entry doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  So good night, i mean good day all.


barbpinion said...

Derek, I hope you're up and back to normal soon. Back pain is soooo painful. Big hugs, via the Internet, my sweet friend. *Barb*

indigosunmoon said...

Sorry your in pain sweetie!
I hope you feel better soon!
Rest rest rest!!!