Wednesday, September 19, 2007

God glasses

I wear glasses, well I should wear my glasses.   I’m really blind as a bat in one eye.    I remember as a kid being the tallest in the class they always sat me in the back of the class.   The teacher would write the lessons on the blackboard and I couldn’t read it.   I remember telling my parents but for some reason no one really listened or maybe money was scarce and we just couldn’t afford it.   I would actually have a friend Kimberly who would let me copy the questions or the math problems down from her paper.  In the meanwhile I saw things from a distance in a skewed and distorted way.   I did finally get smart and started sitting in front seats as I got older, although everyone always complained they couldn’t see the board because of Derek’s big tator head.   I think I’ve told the tater head stories before.   I started wearing glasses my first year in college.   Bought them on my own.   The doctor couldn’t believe I had gone as long as I had without glasses.    I remember that first day wearing my glasses.   I could see the leaves in trees.   There was so much that I was missing.   It amazes me that still to this day somedays I leave my glasses at home.    Sometimes I think I’m more used to not seeing than I am seeing.   But most of the time when I remember I’m like I can’t believe what I’m missing.   Ok now I’m going to do my Forest Gump, Life is like a box of chocalates, since I’ve been thinking so much.   “Life is like wearing or not wearing my glasses.”   It creates within us a conflict between what we experience and what we believe.   Not wearing them gives us a badly distorted perspective on life and all that is around us.   We need our glasses so we can see clearly again.   Sometimes I feel like I don’t have my God glasses on either.   What are God glasses?   They are really just the same thing.   It’s just seeing God clearly, it can help us see life’s experiences more clearly.

So today I turn my eyes to God, I seem to dothat more in times of pain and struggle.   I seem to find more comfort and hope in my daily life through those glasses more than anything.   I can see a little clearer.   Focusing puts everything in perspective.   I forgot my glasses today, but I am wearing my God glasses.


cubbycub said...

And I think God has some AMAZING glasses.

happysunshien said...

love this it!