Friday, September 28, 2007

Light the Night


What can I say other than I was right in the middle of a huge crowd of red, white, and some gold balloons.   Each symbolizing different things.   The white for those that are survivors, red for those that are their in support of someone there or someone they have lost.   And the gold which there weren’t a lot of thank goodness, but of the families that had lost a loved one to leukemia.   There was such a huge turnout.   There were red balloons everywhere, many white ones as well.   It felt awesome to be in the midst of so many survivors, and those battling this disease.   Made my problems seem kind of small.   I think one of the most awesome things about walking and getting sponsers was Anonymous has come.   What do I mean, well many of those that pledged and supported me were anonymous.   I got messages like “I wanted to do something for you.”    How awesome to get the gift from those who just give to give.   It was such an awesome experience.   Here I am though not being anonymous at all, but with thankful heart, I want to thank all anonymous and not, thanks for the support.   Today I feel good, not just because I did the walk last night.  Although I do feel a fight coming for other causes as well that will come.   I just feel good, all through our lives God showers us with His Goodness- gifts of truth, beauty, friendship, love, and laughter, to name but a few-and we behave as if we don’t know the source.   To me God has been my anonomous friend.   Although I know in my heart He doesn’t want to remain that way.  He wants me to know Him better.   So again when I’m thanking my anonomous friend, I’m also thanking God.

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