Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Looking for Rainbows

Many changes in our lives represent loss to me today, whether as the small cherished memory of a pleasantry or as large as living your daily routine’s completely different than the way I used to.   In every loss we long for a touch of healing and hope.   When I went to church this past Sunday almost fearing it, feeling like a failure.  I ended up left with the message why we all have value.   I have not really a lot to boast about, but I still feel very loved by God.   In the midst of my sorrow, there is also a celebration, that I still have little pieces of light in each day.   Through many little mercies that come in my day, a sweet text message from a friend about God letting  the Sun break through the clouds, it’s been raining a lot yesterday, and was quite gloomy as I was yesterday.   I know there will be new ones each morning and day to get me through it.   I am faithful of that.   When our hearts hurt because of loss, I know where I can find hope.  That never changes.   I’m thankful for inspiration, and for friends.     When the sunshine of God’s love meets the showers of our sorrow, the rainbow of promise will appear.   I saw one the other day when I was shopping at Publix, and Mike mentioned one that he saw that was really beautiful when I saw him on Sunday.   So I guess we’re both finding them.  I’m looking for rainbows, maybe I should ride over by 5 points in Riverside, I usually see a lot of those on the back of folks cars

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shareveal said...

Derek, I think that loss can almost be new birth. I have also felt a loss this week for something that I've never known and someone that I've never met. However, I know that this loss will only bring about something new and different than what I had originally thought. I think we have to keep looking at the rainbows and thanking God for giving us everything that he has. God will take care of every ache and pain if we give it to him. He's got so much more in the plan for our lives. He wants more for us than we can ever imagine. Remember that he does love you more than you can ever get your head around. Also remember that I love you! You are one of the greatest rainbows that I have ever had the experience of seeing.