Wednesday, August 11, 2004

How many of you have spent any time around horses.  Close by the house I grew up in there was a pasture, that used to be full of horses.  I've only ridden horses once, but there is something beautiful about these wonderful creatures that God blessed us with.  They are beautiful and strong and if you watched them like I did growing up you can see they have a mind of their own.   Sometimes I see things with great strength as a thing of beauty.  I wish I were stronger.  Strength is what makes heroes.  Slavery was stopped by the strentgth of men, at a terrible price to them and their families.  And the biggest strength of all, and have we forgotten- the Man who let Himself be nailed to Calvary's cross.   Then there are the ladies, nope I havn't forgot about you. I know many heroic women to.  Most of the strong people in my life were women.  I'm looking for my strength.  Has it dawned on you that this world and our God need our strength?  What are we waiting for?  Who are some people you think of with great strengths?


barbpinion said...

Great entry and beautiful photo. I love horses. Rode them most of my life. Was a daredevil when younger. So much so I got thrown quite a few times trying to break in a horse. They are awesome creatures: Strong, dependable, quick to understand and connect with their riders wants. The world and GOD definitely need our strength. The only thing holding us back is *fear.* {{{Derek}}

eynl said...

On my volunteer days I help disabled kids being put on horses for Hippotherapy.  The strength of the horse lets us maneuver the child to strenghten their trunk muscles.  The horse is a great tool in this therapy, and in turn tremendous strength.
When it comes to people with great strengths, I think anyone with a strong will, no matter what their size, can overcome any obstacle put in front of them...that in turn for me is great strength.

indigosunmoon said...

I just love the picture Derek!  And the entry is
One woman that comes to mind who was very
strong indeed, is Elizabeth Glaser.  She suffered
from AIDS but rallied until the very end to do
everything in her power to raise money to find
a cure.  There are so many more I could mention
but her name was the first that came to my mind.

judithheartsong said...

I am definitely a horse lover....... rode a lot as a teenager, on Florida beaches and the mountains of Pennsylvania.
Zora Neale Hurston, my Aunt Mickey, the people who return  love for hate. love to you, judi

cneinhorn said...

Did you take that photo?  It's enjoying your journal very much!