Monday, August 30, 2004

Warrier with the Wolves

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream I shared with Judith Heartsong  I think looking at all her beautiful paintings made me dream of one.  Anyway this beautiful woman took me on a journey to a hillside and when we got there I saw two ferocious wolves, that looked as if they could tear me apart, in fear I took off running, when I heard the woman tell me not to be afraid that they were part of me.  I stopped and looked at her and she was smiling, then I looked at the wolves right as they were about to leap upon me, but instead of tearing me to shreds they just jumped into me.  They were part of me.  I've been meditating like she and Virginia had said, and I do believe somehow they are helpers.  When I went home to see my family I was shocked to by how much Eli had grown, Dena asked me how I liked his tshirt, it was one I had given him a year ago that he'd grown into, and on it was little wolves that I had gotten him while I was In Washington.  Guess these wolves have been a part of me longer than I realized. In my meditations I've been seeing myself as a warrier.  Above all else a warrier has a vision; he has a trancendence to his life, a cause greater than self-preservation.   The root of all woes and our false self was this;  We were seeking to save our life and we lost it.  We are being called beyond that I believe.  The quality of a true warrier is that he is in service to a purpose greater than himself; that is, to a trancendent cause.  Kind of like the heart of Jesus.  Wow would I love to have a heart like that.    Guess in my meditations I've been wondering what qualities of a warrier do I possess.  Have you ever asked yourself that question?


P.S. Pictures of my new nephew Ethan Zane will be added soon.  He was a healthy 8lbs 4 oz's little boy.  Eli welcomed him with a kiss.


barbpinion said...

Judith's work is awesome. I love wolves too.  They are beautiful creatures. Their howl is as lonely sounding as the whistle of a freight train passing by. I hope we've all taken time to ask ourselves if we have the qualities of a warrior?

judithheartsong said...

You are making amazing progress on the journey of your life, my friend. I am so glad to know you and respect you and your path immensely. love, judi