Sunday, August 15, 2004

A wise friend of mine had this observation about life, it went something like this.  Have you ever considered that you have (whatever it is) exactly what you want... right now... I believe that is true for all of us...if we wanted more, badly enough, we'd have more   and another thought: whatever we have, its enough...   though those two thoughts might seem to be in opposition to one another, they are not think about it.   I've been thinking about it, and right now it holds true for me.  I've had a very nice weekend.  Hurricane Charley wasn't very bad here at all, was a little worried.  All and all the weekend was filled with getting to know someone a little better, and it has been nice.  I think Dena is about a week off of having the baby, sure hope it happens on the weekend so I can be there.   Well all hope your having a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the Olympics tomorrow.

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barbpinion said...

I agree with your friend. I believe we're already where we're supposed to be, and have what we need. What we have IS enough as long as we're living in the moment. We don't recognize a lack unless we're missing what life and GOD has set in our laps. Hugs and God bless you, Derek.  *Barb*