Monday, August 2, 2004

Tree of Knowledge

Ok everyone, I finally got some good sleep!  I had a very nice weekend.  Friday night my friend Mike came down to the beach and we walked on the beach and saw a pretty amazing Blue Moon.  Nice getting to know someone so interesting and caring.  So what is going on in my mind tonight?  Actually I'm quite calm and relaxed.   No worries, no fear.  Just me coming alive, and being happy.  No more sabotaging my strenghts, no more settling.  I'm a cunning, visionary warrier with a great mission .  I have a mission.  I've been thinking much of the past.  I've been tested so much in my journey.  There is still a bit of a struggle I feel.  Am I willingly turning away from my false self, or am I clinging to it?  I feel I'm being myself.  Guess I'm just fighting for my heart.  Does any of this make sense?


barbpinion said...

I struggled every day till I gave myself a time out. I scheduled in alone time and did nothing except ask myself "What am I here for? What is the best way to make the most out of my life? What is the best way to make use of any talent God gave me? When I had those answers I created a Mission statement for myself. Will write it out and send it via email to you. Would love to have you share your mission with me. I don't fight for my heart any more. I fight for my mind. Every battle begins there. {{{Derek}}}  * Barb*

alphawoman1 said...

We all have different ways of protecting ourselves.  Sounds like you are just letting some of the layers begin to peel away! And good for you!  

judithheartsong said...

so glad you have slept. Now just who is that handsome hunk? You go boy! You hang in there. Your wisest self knows exactly what to do.... just listen for the whispers, they are there.

robinngabster said...

I got notice of your entry in my email...I get alerts when you write something new. I liked your entry on porn...thought you hit it right on the head. Also love this picture you look great and so happy!!!

indigosunmoon said...

Nothing like a good nights sleep to clear
the cobwebs from the mind.  The blue
moon was gorgeous, wasnt it!!!
You sound better these days sweetie!
Great picture!  What a hunka hunka
burnin love you are!!!

jojolona said...

The true self is a hard thing to define since it changes constantly.
Denying yourself the right to change will stunt your spiritual and emotional growth.