Monday, January 24, 2005

Found this

I found this over at Barb's  journal                                         


I am not: short

I hurt: When I eat too much spaghetti

I love: Jesus

I hate: discrimination

I fear:  Fear

I hope: For the best that can happen

I hear: My little voice, it says yes or no to my questions, sometimes I listen sometimes I don't.

I crave: Peanut butter

I regret: Not taking advantage of my education, and majoring in Art

I cry: Any time I watch a sad movie

I care: About my family and friends 

I always:  Try to think positive

I long to: Be free

I feel alone: Seldom

I listen: Intently

I hide: receipts

I drive: Slow and careful

I dance: When I'm by myself , with Abby, or when I'm out with Mike.

I write: Every day

I breathe: Ummm.... I'd like to say heavy but it aint happening right now.

 I play: Hard

I miss: My Mom, sisters, brother, and niece, and nephews

I feel: Other peoples emotions

I know: Not nearly enough

I say: Whatever

I search: For my keys? For Happiness like it's a missing sock

I succeed: When I apply myself

I fail: When I don't care

I dream: In color

I sleep: Soundly most of the times

I wonder: What my life would be like if I had made different choices

I want:  Ice Cream

I worry: About everything

I have: Awesome friends : )

I give: Not enough

I fight: Intensely if I think I'm right

I wait: For Friday's

I need: Love

I am: A Non-conformist

I think: Way to much

I cant help the fact that: I'm so hairy

I stay: On the computer too much.


indigosunmoon said...

Great answers Derek!
Love ya!

judithheartsong said...

this was great! judi

babyshark28 said...

hey, great list. :D
I have seen these popping up all over.
it sure does give you insight into the person behind the J. :)

carolhehe said...

Thanks Derek for visiting my journal. I really think yours is great!!! I love your answers in this entry.

cneinhorn said...

great answers! I did this too, it's over at my quiz blog....everyone's answers are so different!


musenla said...

In your answers I see a tender, loving, artistic soul.  You're a sweet, kind man.  =P