Friday, January 7, 2005

Nana and the Truck Stop

Autumn, Eli, and Ethan have a Nana, their Nana is my mama.  Her mom was my Nana.  Was sitting here thinking about her beautiful red hair, piled high on her head.  Nana ran a restaurant at the Truck Stop.  I remember visiting her there when I was little, I loved all the ladies that worked with her, especially Sally, she would always cook me up a special hamburger cooked just the way like and put on white bread with a little mayo.  Sally was larger than life and had an infectious laugh and a huge smile.    I also remember Nana putting me on this little table by the cash register.  I was her little helper, and everyone would always grab me and give me a hug when they left the restaurant. 


barbpinion said...

I love this picture. Loved reading about your memories too. Thanks for sharing this.Hugs. *Barb*

deabvt said...

That`s really a great Pic!