Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Sometimes in life, things happen too fast.  We barely solve one problem when two new problems surface.   Well I was feeling great this morning.  New Beginnings.  I always love the new year.  With this year.  I'm getting ready for the Gate River Run again.  I was up at 5:30 running on the beach in 30 degree weather.  All bundled up, tshirt, shirt, sweater, jacket, and shorts, lol, it is Florida.  I had a wonderful run in the dark and did some thinking.  I was just grateful for my starting process of the day, it was beautiful watching a new day come.  How often do we feel great in the morning and submerged in misery by nightfall?  Well the sunrise gave me new vigor.  I still feel good in my heart.  Although my body is achy.  I'm back in the gym, worked out hard last night, and have another workout day tomorrow.  I like having something to look forward too.  Only three more months till the run.  Plus I feel so much better.  Healthy body, hopefully healthy mind.  It was a good day!  Now I'm over at Mike's he's playing Xbox, we had a nice dinner.  It's cold outside but the heat's working good.  

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eynl said...

That is the beauty of mornings...we get to start all over.  :)  
5:30 is an early start to your day.  I thought my 7:45 morning walk was early! lol
Good luck in the training.