Sunday, January 9, 2005

Mark and Sherry

Thought I'd put a picture of Sherry and Mark in here.  This was shortly after she got her engagement ring.  The tears had subsided some and all was happy.  Mark gave Autumn the ring to give to Sherry, and in walked Autumn, an in her little four year old big girl voice she looked at Sherry, threw her the ring and said, "Here's your ring"!  Sherry opened the box, and her tears hit, and she ran to the back.  I don't even think everyone in the room even knew what was going on.  I ran to the back, and she showed it too me.  It's beautiful.  Wish I had taken a close up of it.  Congradulations Sherry and Mark.


gbgoglo said...

Yea!  Wonderful news, Derek...I am happy for the both of them, and you and mom, too.  Hugs...gloria

deabvt said...

Sherry & Mark...Congrats!

musenla said...

Tears of joy, I'm sure.  Congrats to the couple, may they have a long and happy life full of love together.