Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Twenty Six Years ago

On a dark scary Halloween many years ago, we were painting our faces and getting ready to go trick or treating, when my mother went into labor.  She left me in charge of my two younger sisters and asked me to take them trick or treating.  I was so excited, but mom wasn't she said she didn't want the baby born on Halloween, which I still find funny.  I spent the night trick or treating with my sisters, then coming back home.   No baby came Halloween night, but we were about to have a new one in our household the next day. 

Tonight was fun looking at all the Halloween trick or treaters, brought back good memories.  Then there was some really strange ones that came too.  Been watching Prison Break, and Medium tonight, Mike's working late.  I'm beat.  About to hit the hay.



joolsinwa said...

I'm with her I wouldn't have wanted a baby born on Halloween either, LOL  I cried when I had on July 4th!

dcmeyer420 said...

Good night, Derek. Just dropping by to say, "Happy Halloween!"

sanantoniotexas said...

hey ..hope u guys are doing okay..some of the best silly childhood memories are that on halloween..  ;-)


onemoretina said...

What a lovely memory.  Funny how your mom was concerned about having a 'Halloween baby' ... my mother was concerned when I had my son on the 13th !   Tina

indigosunmoon said...

Thanks for sharing your Halloween memory
with us!  I watched Medium tonight too!
I just love that show!

chrisuab said...

I'm glad your Halloween was fun.  Mine was boring this year.  I had no trick-or-treaters.

judithheartsong said...

I do have a halloween baby.... I think that he has always enjoyed the element of fun added to his birthday:):):) judi