Friday, October 28, 2005

Lunch today

I had lunch today with a person from work.  We sat down and she started complaining about people who sent email's with Christian messages, and how they bothered her.  So I just I just let her talk, she seemed to want to get a lot off her chest.  Then after she went on she said if your a Christian I didn't mean to offend you.  I told her I was.  I then asked her why she was so upset or angry.  She started by saying we don't practive what we preach.  She said many of us are very experienced at sounding religious, but we don't put our words into action.  Then she went on to say her father was a minister, and she has lots of problems with her father.  Honestly I felt a little drained.  I told her I understood what she was talking about.  That it was like our discrepancy report we do every morning for the vendors that sell to us.  When there is a discrepancy between what is said and done, confusion is created.  I told her I thought she brought up some good points that even left me thinking.  Then I just shared with her about my love and how great it is when words and actions actually agree.  I told her about growing up in a wonderful loving family.  Mostly I just listened though.  I've been thinking about that everything she said.  I started wondering how similar am I too those people she was talking about, saying one thing and doing another.  I know I've been guilty of that.  I have a past, one that I can probably never run from, no matter how hard I try.  All I can do is live in the now, and do the best I can.  All we can do is speak our truths.  I don't want to be a hypocrite, is that spelled wrong?  I told her I couldn't answer for her, I could only answer for myself.  But I do hope she let off some steam and felt a little better, and left feeling a lit bit better about life in general.  Bless her! Bless me a lot too please.  I need it! 


joolsinwa said...

yes you spelled hypocrite correctly, lol she forgets we are human, therefore imperfect

mechants said...

Oh Bless your heart. It's so good of you to listen. I'm sure she felt so much better afterwards.


tillysweetchops said...

Hi Derek,

This was really interesting.

It amazes me that people get so worked up about things. Whatever happend to live and let live? She must have realised on some level at least,  that those messages were sent completely without malice. Therefore it's puzzling that she should resent receiving them. After all we live in a world of advertising - some people HAVE bought, some people WANT to buy and some people AREN'T interested. Don't have a heart attack about it,  just click off.

And as far as being a hypocrite is concerned, you summed it up yourself when you said that you do the best you can. It's all any of us can expect of ourselves and each other.

Tilly x

jouell3935 said...

Ya know I believe we all have a bit of hypocrit in us...that double standard...I have written about judgements and the perceptions of other people...How it angers me and then I will talk of acceptance and understanding. Well..just writing it? I have done what I do not like. Yes?
So does that make me a hypocrit? Nah...I learn of what I can accept and wont. What my expectations are of ohters as well as myself.
Just today I had the thought, something happened at work. OH MY, ya think someone stole someones puppy! I sit back and listen ALOT(part of the job) and I find more and more how some just CANT let go. As if searching for that appeasement from others to tell them Your right to soothe the ego maybe? Instead of moving forward...we get stuck in the muck...not going anywhere. Perseverating over the "what happened" Instead of focusing on what can we do next time and really how much impact does this have?
As for getting email...Dont read it...I dont assign myself any one religion...yet I enjoy passages from all religions(yep all)...its about the message...taking the positive from it...thats all.....find the joy people...there are just too many trying to take it..
sorry so long eeks
Great entry!

justaname4me2 said...

I think just about everyone knows I don't believe in a God, but I still receive the religious emails, all the time, and you know what, I don't mind them at all. I like to look at it from a different direction, that someone thought enough of me to send something that is usually inspirational, and heartfelt.
I think all of us have a bit of hypocrite in them, we're just humans, imperfect and full of faults, but thats the very thing I love about humanity.......diversity!!

nicurnmama said...

I love Rebecca's comment!
I am going to remind myself of that thought anytime I get annoyed about the "annoying" emails....there really not so annoying because that person thought about me enough to send it and not in a way that says, "what can I do today to annoy Laura.".....LOL
as a Christian, I don't proselytize much at all. I do try to live a life that displays good character and integrity but I also will feely admit and point out that I am human like those around me....thank goodness too because IMHO it sucks to live around someone who is perfect.
Derek, you were the right person at the right time for your coworker.
Bless you, your coworker and hugs!

rerequalsme said...

I think sometimes God brings people into our lives to help us realize what we really and truly are and what a profound impact we have in others' lives. She needed you and you also needed her. I will always miss having you as my therapist in this house. I lub you!!!!!!!!!!