Sunday, October 16, 2005

Saturday over at Linda's

Saturday was good,we went down by the river and had a little picnic, then went over to my cousin's girlfriend Linda's, and their neighbor Sue came over and we grilled Salmon on the grill.  It was delicious.  We had a good night.  today we went to church, and I napped most of the day.  We've got the windows open, and airing things out, it's been a beautiful weekend.   Last week our pastor preached a powerful sermon that seemed to touch us all in a big way.  He started with a headline in a local paper that said the Vatican was going to ban gay priests, even if they were celibate.  He quoted "because of their condition which suggest a serious personality disorder that detracts from their ability to serve as ministers, or to serve God these men that were called by God to serve him.  He ended up having or sharing with us a discourse with God.  It was almost in the form of a letter,or conversation.  You could tell it was from the heart.  Not only that he stood up fo me as a straight man.  He preached of a the battle of words that rages on and on.    He ended his sermon asking himself why he was preaching this sermon, he said two reasons.  First, because he thought it is vital that heterosexuals like himself who are steped in knowledge about issues of sexuality should speak up and out to the wider public.  Too many surveys and other research that is done is often attributed to gays and lesbians.  Conservatives won't accept that.  Straight people must be at the forefront.  Second, he felt the sermon was essential about God and how we discern with will of God through Jesus, who accepts everyone as they are.  Because God was in Jesus we believein the image of god in each one of us. Whether we are straight or gay, we are God's child.  He affirmed that with all his heart and soul.   It felt really good hearing his message.  I left feeling really good.


rivercitygirl1 said...

Derek, you are a breath of fresh air.  Never stop being who you are.

onemoretina said...

   Sounds like you have a pastor who knows how to cut through all the nonsense and get to the real point of Christ's teachings, which is to love and care for others as we love and care for ourselves, and to be able to see Him in our brothers and sisters.  He sounds like a wonderful man.  Tina

rerequalsme said...

He sounds like a preacher who has been called to teach others about his knowledge, which is an awesome thing to be able to do for others. I'm glad he knows how to express the love that God has for EVERYONE!!!!!! I just wish the rest of the world could figure that out.

globetrotter2u said...

It is very sad that so many conservatives can simply not relate to gays.
When I had my dance school, many of my closest friends were gay. They were the warmest, sweetest, most intelligent and creative people I had ever met. I think that conservatives need to have that same sort of personal experience in order to understand how sensitive and beautiful gay people can be.

chrisuab said...

That's great to hear your pastor does not hold prejudice against gays or lesbians.  I actually went to a "gay friendly" Church this weekend and was really blessed.  I didn't feel condemned for who I am and just felt loved and welcomed.

deabvt said...

Great Pics! Love the pussy cat!