Sunday, October 9, 2005

I was looking at our Monday photo challenge of Critter:  I used a picture of a squirrel, Squirrels have always been one of my favorite critters for as long as I can remember.  I remember loving them as a kid.  Watching them scurry up a tree and in holes.  I know they hibernate during the winter, and when it gets warm again in the spring them come out full force, from hole to hole and tree to tree.  The flying ones were my favorite, how they would jump from tree to tree.  Laying by a log in the woods growing up I just watched everything with fascination.  I spent much time in the woods from 1st grade too 3rd grade since we lived out on my Nana's farm.  Then sometime of year around May I think, my dad would start shooting squirrel's.  I'm not sure why, I remember asking him, and I think his answer was something like there are so many of them, that they start causing damage.  Not sure if it was the crops around us or what.  But he would shoot them and I hated it.  I would get so sad when I saw him with his gun.  I wasn't the best hunting partner for him either.  If I could, I'd chase the little animals away.  I'd be loud, I'd sent Spot our birddog in the wrong direction, that dog would go anywhere I pointed.  I got a couple of good whippons on those hunting expiditions.  Makes me think about what God is too me, He breaks up our comfortable nests now and then, but behind every difficult change lies His love and eternal purpose.  So how can I fear change so still if it's coming from such a wonderful place.  Maybe with this thought change will be easier for me.  Sometimes things seem harsh or unfair, until we view another view. This was a nice weekend.  I'm tired and ready for a good night's sleep.


cubbycub said...

Ok..i got to say these little fur critters are driving me absolutley NUTS..they just dart out ont he road as u r driving and me trying to be the good driver and not run their butts over..aint it time for them to go away?

toonguykc said...

I think squirrels are pretty cool too.  I have a squirrel-feeder in the backyard which is basically just a wooden thingy nailed to a tree with a spike to mount a dried ear of corn.  My dad supplies me with the corn, but they also sell it stores now.  The little bastards also invade my birdfeeders as well.  They are very active right now and I love watching them get ready for Winter.