Friday, October 21, 2005


I was reading my sister's blog she wrote about Papa on his birthday this week too, funny how big he was to all of us.  He really was a great man.  He made each one of us feel so special.  And always talked to us like we were people, no matter how little we were.  It's Friday finally!  Woo Hoo!  It's food day today at work, and I'm trying to be good.  I've never seen so many goodies.  Got a call, will write more later. Well I'm back, still at work, and I just couldn't say no to all the goodies.  We have so much good food here today.  I think the chicken salad in pasta was my favorite.  I'm going to have to really jog hard when I get home.  I'll be pushing!  "I think I can, I think I can".   My mom's up in Atlanta this week with her husband Ray, I know she's been looking forward to a little relaxation.  Poor ole Sherry's back is out, so everyone send good vibes her way.  She said Autumn was home sick with her.  I talked to her earlier, everytime I talk to her she sounds more grown up.  Well I better get back to work.  It's really slow today at work.


gabreaelinfo said...

I will check it out.

Have A Great Halloween!!!!


mechants said...

Aw, that's sweet that you both wrote about him.


joolsinwa said...

<sniff sniff> I miss my Derek!waah!!
~Julie ;-(