Tuesday, October 25, 2005

In Memory of Rosa Parks

Tuesday October 25, 2005
In loving memory of Rosa Parks,A modern Saint whose light of justice and freedom will shine on for years to come.  Detroit, Michigan was lucky to have her.  She was an outstanding citizen since the late 50's. Born February 4th, 1913.  Arrested at age 42 in Alabama.  She sat down and stood up for Justice for our world and herself.  What a serene and quiet lovely lady.  With great inner strength and determination.  She died peacefully in her sleep at 92.
God bless you Rosa Parks!


barbpinion said...

Derek, what a precious thing to do. She really was a woman of enormous courage.
Barb- http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK

globetrotter2u said...

We certainly need to have more people with the spirit of Rosa Parks in our world today.
Thanks for taking the time to do this entry, Derek. I've been thinking about her today but I didn't take the time to honor her, as you have.

cubbycub said...

Amazing,extraordinary Woman of Grace and Elegance.  Where are the men and women TODAY of this Calibur?
Wonderful entry!!

mechants said...

Amen! She was quite a woman.


toonguykc said...

She was a TRUE American.  I hope there are more Rosa Parks out there in all minority groups.


deabvt said...

A courageous woman!