Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Eve at Daddy and Jane's

Well we finally made it to Daddy's by 3:00 p.m. with big appetites.  There was so much wonderful food.  Everyone ate well.  Lance brought Amy and her two boys so we had extra kids.  Eli really enjoyed riding everyone around in his gator tractor.  Why didn't they invent stuff like that when I was little.  Imagine learning to drive when your only 3.  And Eli can really drive good, he even parks it behind his Papa's big gator lawnmower.  It's really awesome seeing our new generation growing so fast.  They really are amazing to watch.  I think I spend more time with the children when I go home, just trying to soak up every minute I can.  There was the most beautiful sunset toward the end of the day that I've seen at home in a long time.  I was lucky to grab a few pictures.  We went back to Sherry's and wound down, my back was hurting a bit by late evening and Sherry gave me a Vicadin, which put me out. I got Autumn to sleep so Santa would come see her.  I finally got her to sleep, she was so excited and kept thinking she heard reindeer on the roof, and had many questions.  I got up and put together one of the big Christmas planets with planets and stars that shine in the room of all colors and had to go back to bed, that vicadin kicked my butt.  In the wee hours around 3:30 I was having bad dreams, and couldn't wake up from them, so I convinced myself if I could make myself scream I would wake up.  But everytime I tried nothing came out.  The next morning everyone informed me that I was screming really loud in my sleep around 3:30, along with talking to myself for about 5 minutes.  Thank goodness I didn't wake Autumn up, she sleeps like a log.

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cubbycub said...

Kids are great to just soak up their feelings on life and learning to care!!! Got to love them.