Monday, December 26, 2005

Gee my hair taste terriffic

Picture from Hometown



Christmas Eve, Sherry and I woke up pretty early I had some last minute shopping to do.  She went with me and we got it all knocked out, came home, and we started getting ready to go out to Daddy and Jane's.  It started off pretty easy but got a bit frustrating after a while.  Sherry called Jane and told her we may be a few minutes later than we had expected to give us some extra time.  Autumn had got a cute little green warm up suit that Santa actually brought a day early, and she was running around with it on.  I joked her calling her diffrent green names, like junebug, and green bean, and stink bug.  She didn't like that one.  Sherry had cooked some good ole greenbeans, and luckily they had cooled down, because when we started getting ready,  Autumn climbed up on the bar and decided she was going to stir the peas, and eat a few as well.  Well I was in the bedroom getting dressed and so was Sherry, when we hear this kaboom, followed by a minute of silence, then a cry coming down the hallway.  She walks down the hall with greenbeans all in her hair and her little new suit.  And tears, not because she was hurt but because she thought ReRe was going to be mad at her.  Which worked because although we did hear a few words come from ReRe's mouth, followed by Autumn saying you owe me $5 for that word that came out of her mouth.  Then Mark noticed she had her hair in her mouth and was sucking it.  He said get that hair out of your mouth.  She followed with it sure does taste good, just like green beans.  I should of took a picture, but we were all too worried she was hurt, we were just glad it wasn't hot, and burned her.

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cubbycub said...

So glad she did not get hurt,but got to love the fact that she turned that around and said my ahir taste just like those greenbeans..hehe!!!