Monday, December 26, 2005

First day home Friday

I headed home to Georgia on Friday, it was hard leaving Mike that morning, I wanted him to come to Georgia with me so bad.  The ride home was pretty easy, not many people on the road which surprised me, guess I left early enough.   I stopped and saw my brother Lance at work, and had lunch with him.  Stopped at Dena's but she was having her much needed me time, because the boys were napping, she answered the door in her Shirly Temple curls and looked so cute, she was curling it for Christmas with Andy's family that night.   I decided to let her enjoy her me time with the boys asleep, and told her I'd see her later.  I  made it home, and was greeted by Sherry and Autumn and Mark.  It really got pretty cold the first day, we all got our coats on and played a lot, I'm not sure what it was but I was so tired.  I went to take a nap, and Autumn came in and took one with me.  We got up and was feeling much better.   Sherry had all kinds of little goodies for us, pizza that Mark made, dips and chips, and barb-q.    Cousin Christy came over with little Taylor and the girls played and had fun.  Amanda came over and brought Autumn's Chritmas present a little puppy named Mary, she's the cutest little cocker spaniel.   The puppy even brought back memories from mama's childhood.  She was happy to see Autumn with a little puppy like she had when she was a little girl.  We all had a nice day, Lance brought us a funny movie that I think I enjoyed watching his reactions as much as the movie.  Lance is quite funny and wonderful to watch when he laughing.  I made it to bed by 1:00 and slept really good.


jeroldssis said...

I remember my family get togethers being like that.  All us kids running around filled to the brim with excitment while the grown ups enjoyed eachother's company.  I miss those large gatherings.  I'm glad you had a great time. (You always do!)


cubbycub said...

Sounds like you had a great time and the pics(as usual) are fantastic!!!

deabvt said...

Great Pics, Derek!