Monday, December 5, 2005

Jumbled thoughts

It is strange how difficult it is to go backward in a jounal to the immediate past.  Where has the year gone?  Suddenly I am desparate for time, while energy flows out in the starting of cold weather.   At times I feel bursts of energy, and at other times I wouldn't mind staying in bed for long periods of time.  I was thinking about our pastor Linda today, she was online earlier and I said hello to her.  When I consider a life like hers, so given and driven and how she is, nevertheless, an ever-flowering, responsive, caring person.  I feel a kind of awe.  My mind still wanders, it goes backward and forward of this past year.  I feel like I was supposed to do more.  But all I can do is what I've done.    Am I confusing today or what.   I need to get back writing more.  I see how my thoughts are jumbled.  Here's some pictures I took this weekend.


coy1234787 said...

I can relate to that in a way ...
How will I know when I am enough, when I
have enough, when I do enough and when
I love enough?

    BTW ... I think you did plenty, if it feels
like not enough then just do more next year.
              *** Coy ***

bmendezo said...

Those are great pictures!  I think we all go through that at times feeling that we could have..or should have done more than we have. If we did not stop to reflect and evaluate our lives at times, we would not continue to grow as a person.  When I think back over the last year, there are some things that I accomplished that I am really proud of, and other areas that I am still struggling with.  Don't be too hard on yourself about the things that you didn't do. Live life and enjoy!

onemoretina said...

    Don't worry, Derek.  We all get 'jumbled' sometimes.  I'll bet that if you asked her, Linda would tell you she feels the same way at times.  Writing does help to sort it all out, though. So...get to work !! lol   Tina

toonguykc said...

Your eye is so "laser-like" when it comes to capturing a good photo.  I'm impressed!!  


tillysweetchops said...

Derek, I'm always amazed at the energy some people have. Invariably you'll find they love doing what they do - that has to be the key. You should always remember you do your best on any given day, even if it's one of those lacklustre ones we all have sometimes, you still do your best.

The pictures you took at the weekend paint a glorious picture of happy families and gorgeous December weather!! Wonderful.

Tilly x

sassydee50 said...

Nice portraits, Derek! Don't worry--the mood will pass...Moodily yours, Sassy ;-)