Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Eve

Picture from Hometown


Well I left shortly after I woke up on Christmas Eve to go over to Daddy and Jane's we were having Christmas Eve over there.  I decided to go over to Andy and Dena's to see the boys.  Eli was riding around on his new Gator Tractor, and Ethan was playing with their new puppy Star.  Ethan who is as big if not bigger than his three year old brother.  Ethan is only one.  Ethan jumps in the drivers seat every time Eli gets out.  I took some cute ones of them.   We loaded up the little tractor with corn and carrots that Dena cooked and all the presents and walked with the boys up to Daddy's house.   When Ethan was getting in, Eli got a lead foot and drove right over his brother.  Ethan wasn't hurt, the tractor is very light plastic.  But it scared poor Eli, well it scared both of them actually, but Ethan quit crying before Eli did.  So I guess this counts as their first accident.  But not the first accident of Christmas Eve.  More later.

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cubbycub said...

Driving already!!! These kids r too cute!!