Saturday, February 12, 2005

Baby Ethan

I'm going to print this one up and frame it for a birthday present for Dena.  I thought it was just perfect!  I think this is what he was thinking too.  Actually when I took it I didn't realize he had just finished "drinking from the tree".  Dena said a few minutes earlier and you would have got a really good shot!  Don't worry Dena I wouldn't put that shot in there even if I did take a picture of that.  It does make me think of something though.   I remember my Papa thinking it was the most beautiful thing in the world to see.  Which honestly I think so too.   Has anyone ever written in the journal's about breast feeding, I'll have to do a search on that one.  I remember my mom telling me when she breast fed Sherry and Dena that one was chocalate and the other was regular milk.  By the time she had Lance, I figured out she had been pulling one over on me.  Well it's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Jacksonville.  I need to go out and enjoy it.  Time for my 6 mile run, I'm supposed to start going up to 8 this week, but I think I may wait till next week.

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aiibrat said...

What a cute baby! I think your photo framed will make a fabulous gift! -=)