Friday, February 25, 2005


When I receive a compliment, it gives me a warm inner glow. Ever notice how spending time with some people give you that warm inner glow. Yesterday at lunch I was blessed to of had that feeling, when I had lunch with my friend Wendy. We went to Heartworks and had carrotdogs. Sometimes just a touch on the hand or a smile can brighten someone's day. And Wendy definitely has that touch. It's funny I wrote about optimism and pessimism in my journal the other day, she is surely an optimist. She is one of those people that words and smiles can lift you spirits. She is definitely a child of the light, because she shines so brightly. It sure lifts my spirit! It's a happy day!  I'll add a picture later.


dimundntheruf69 said...

congrats on the good day.....I am a new visitor....what, pray tell, is a carrotdog????????christie

trishaham said...

I also feel good when I am the one giving the compliment. Your friend sounds like my best friend, Irene. She is like a ray of sunshine in my life. Glad to see that you had such a good day.


eynl said...

Sounds like a good lunch partner!

aiibrat said...

What a lovely entry about Wendy! You are a bright star, too.  I know it.  -=)

pixiedustnme said... that just sounds WAY to healthy for me!

judithheartsong said...

delightful. judi

coy1234787 said...

    That is some more bright shining face posted here. I love the way you seem to notice those things in people.

                                             *** Coy ***