Thursday, February 24, 2005

Weekend Assignment #12

Weekend Assignment #12: Great Events

Weekend Assignment #12: Thanks to time travel and invisibility, you can be on the spot for any important event of the last 100 years (1905 onward). Which important historical event do you choose? As a twist, if you actually were at an important historical event, you can't pick that one. Why? Because you were there already. What, you want to be there twice? Think of the paradox!

Extra Credit: Think of a piece of now-dated slang that should be brought back into circulation. Make it reasonably clean slang, please.


Well i'm a genealogist, so I'd probably want to go back  in time as far back as I could go, but with all my grandparents being babies.  So let's see I'd pick Dec. 25, 1915.  In one day I'd visit four families.  All these families lived in close proximity, with the exception of one family.  My paternal grandparents, Papa and Mema, their parents probably only lived 30 miles away from each other.  I would have loved to have seen my Papa as a baby.  My mema would have been a very special time, because she was a twin, and I would be able to see these two special babies and with their mother on Christmas.  Her mom died when she was only 4 years old, and I've always wanted to see a picture of this woman.  She's been a mystery to me to this day.  Then on my maternal side, I picture my Pepa with his family, this little blue eyed baby, Autumn's eyes are just like his, so I can see this beautiful little baby with blue eyes.  Then my Nana and her family.  I picture a little one, with red hair and fair skin.  This would be a special time and I'd love to see where I came from almost a 100 years ago.  Back in the year my grandparents were born on Christmas.


Extra credit coming later


gbgoglo said...

Great entry, Derek!  Wouldn't that be great if we could travel back in time?  Hugs, gloria - Hi to Mom!

onestrangecat said...

great entry.


pixiedustnme said...

very cool idea

deabvt said...

Neat idea!